December 14th Stockholm Show

Congratulations to Lotta Reuterskiöld and Tempeluddens Lince

Judge: Göran Bodegård   -  Show Results:

BOB and CABIB SUCH Tempeluddens Lince (PLCH Incant di Valle Scrivia and INTUCH,NORDUCH Ria dell Albera) - Owner: Lotta Reuterskiöld, Stockholm

BOS and CACIB :  SUCH Ribellepelos Perla (SUCH Varenne del Piervez and INTUCH, NORDUCH Tempeluddens Eleganza) - Owner: Maria Gode, Åkers Styckebruk

Veteran BOB: INTUCH, NORDUCH Tempeluddens Eleganza (Bautastenens Atos and INTUCH, NORDUCH Ria dell Albera) - Owner: Maria Gode, Åkers Styckebruk

Cert (and Swedish Campion): Berbas Serena (Otis and INTUCH, NORDUCH Tempeluddens Laguna) - Owner: Lena o Henrik Andersson, Västerås

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