Sweden: Tempeludden


We got our first Bergamasco 1999 and we have been breeding since 2002. The first two litters (2002 and 2003) were born by Bautasten´s  Alba (from Gaby and Gambio dell Albera) together with Frosta F. Totti (from Iosa and Idas dell Albera). Of the litter from 2002, three stayed in Sweden, 2 are still alive and are very alert, at the age of 11. The father, Frosta F. Totti, still lives at 13 years old.

In 2003 we had the wonderful opportunity to bring home Ria dell Albera from Maria Andreoli in Vercelli. Ria has had 3 very large litters, 10, 13 and 15 puppies! Most of them survived. Her first two litters were 100% dell Albera and to the last litter, 2007, Incant di Valle Scrivia was the father. Ria is still in very good condition at the age of 10.

Now we only have 2 Bergamasco left, Ria dell Albera and her son Tempeludden´s Giorgio born 2006. His father is Chique Shining Diamond”