Sweden: Bergamasco gathering on 1st September 2019

During the annual meeting in Bergamasco in Sweden (BIS) earlier this year, it was proposed to arrange a weekend gathering for all Bergamascos and their owners somewhere in Sweden. The distances in our country can be quite challenging, especially for those living farthest north, not to mention guest members in Norway and Finland. It was therefore a wish to have overnight accommodation for a reasonable cost. In order to find a place that was most central for most members, our secretary used a map and a compass. Tranås was found to be the best place (without correlation analysis)

A programme, invitation, meals and accommodation were arranged by the bergamasco owners living in Tranås. Sixteen Bergamascos (and a few Pulis) joined. Five more were expected but did not show up for good reasons.

Hans Lindquist


Michael Sing