For me as a breed representative in Denmark for our fantastic breed, it is very important that I can came out and talk with the Danish people about the breed. We all know that when you take your Bergamasco a new place or somewhere where people don’t know you, you will got a lot of questions about the coat and after that the breed. So I try to do what I can so the Danish people can get some Knowles about Bergamasco, here in Denmark there are 2 Bergamasco families there want to do that also, so we are doing it together.

The Big Horse and Dog day is a weekend where people for the most are coming to see Horses, there are jumping, dressage, grooming and a lot of others competitions, but the last 2-3 year they try to get more dog people.

This year’s there where more than 23 different breeds or Specials club with dogs and there where a very good dog programs to, with IPO work, Norse work, Agility, Dog show and a lot of others thing, but you could also try agility and dog massage with you own dog.

Over a weekend like that, we talk with many, many people and say the same repeatedly. Trine and her family help me again this time, she have to girls there are very happy to help and to talk with people about the dogs and they are really a great help but also that people can see that kids can handle this breed.

We always try to tell people about the coat, because they think it is too heavy, warm or that it is torture that they have this coat and I am sure that what we do can help this, because they then tell there neighbor and family at home to that this is normal.

But we cannot caught all the people there don’t ask before they make a conclusion, Trines girl Cansandra there are 7 years old where out and pee with Rubin and a woman come by and say that she should be ashamed, to torture a dog like that. Some people are mean but that is just not okay, I was so mad on the woman, when Cansandra told me that this have happen to her and Rubin, but the woman where long gone so I could not do something about it. Therefore, this is why I will keep on doing this as long as my dogs thinks this is fun.

This year’s we have Rubin, Terk and Mela with us and there where 22120 visitors over this 2 days and if just some of them can remember this breed our mission is complete. Maybe we will be back next years.

Best from Pia

Michael Sing