“No one is afraid of the wolf here…..”


This happened in February 2017, an evening when we just come home from the job.


My husband, Patrik, was out on the ground and exercise our two Bergamasco and one Puddle. It was nearly dark outside. Suddenly Ior, our 11 years old Bergamasco, walks with very determinated step to the border of the forest. Patrik hear that something moves in the edge of the forest and then noticed some big black in front of Ior. First he thought it was the neighbor’s dog, but he is smaller than this black animal. Ior get closer to the other and they started to fight. During this short minutes Patrik discover that it was not a dog but one of the wolves, who have been seen several times in the closest days all around where we live. Ior was very determined in his way to chase the wolf and take to flight.


I am so proud and happy that we have these wonderful dogs which are guardians for us as we only have heard spoken of. Now we even have seen it in action too!


(Ingela Andersson, owner of Tempeluddens Gregorio and Tempeluddens Lindo.)

Michael Sing