World Dog Show 2017 Leipzig (Germany)

It was the biggest dog show worldwide. About 31'000 Dogs, 23 entered Bergamascos.

Big big congrats to all our teams to their successes on November 11th 2017. We had a lot of fun.

Results males 

Veteran Class: Lieto del Montevergine, excellent 3

Junior Class: Perfect Storm's excellent 2, res. JCAC

Champion Class: Vito Dell' Albera Silver Pastori excellent 2, res. VDH-CAC; Skärviks Rubin excellent 3; Perfect Storm's Koda excellent 4

Results females

Junior Class: Perfect Storm's Rain, excellent 1, JCAC

Champion Class: Cane Dell'Alpi's Quintilia excellent 1, BOS, CAC, VDH-CAC, CACIB; Perfect Storm's Terk excellent 3; Theia Dell'Albera Silver Pastori excellent 4

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Michael Sing