Happy Birthday Reyna Knight - UK

Reyna Knight has been involved with Bergamascos for more than 25 years and without her and her late husband David, there would be very few Bergamascos in UK.  Alongside her long standing friend Donna De Falcis (dell Albera Silver Pastori), Reyna has been the lead in the UK Bergamasco world andtwo of the dogs she has bred and exported over the years are Mezza to Jeanine (Alp Angel Bergamascos) in the USA and Arthur (Chique Shining Diamond) to Hans and Anita (Tempeluddens) in Sweden.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Reyna is a KC Judge and Steward and an Assured Breeder and is never too busy to help any of the Bergamasco owners or would-be owners. She is Chairman of the UK Club B.O.F.F. and is a very dear friend to all who know her.  She currently has 4 male Bergamascos - Jude - a 2013 Champion at Crufts (Best Import) and Sire to the 13 Calshair litter, plus Oscar, Hugo and Freddie who is one of his offspring. 

Reyna has immense energy and when not in the Ring, she enjoys gardening and her work on the North Somerset Council.  Her 80th Birthday is on Thursday 20th October 2016.

Michael Sing